How long has the team existed?

Houston Power has been an existence for 10 years. 

How many players are currently on the team?

There are 33 players.

What are the team official colors?

The official colors are green and black

What are the age ranges of the players?

Player’s age range from 18-50.

How old do you have to be to tryout?

You have to be at least 18 years old to tryout.

How many people on average tryout per year? 

There are 50-60 women on average who tryout per year.

Where and Where are tryouts held this year?

We have open practices in our pre-season starting September 7th. At these practices we encourage potential players to come work out with the team and if you feel the team is a good fit for you stay and play for the Power in the 2021 season. 


What do you have to wear to workout?

Wear workout clothes


What do you have to bring to workout?

Cleats are recommended, but not required. Also bring plenty of water and snacks.


When does the new season start?

The new season begins May 1, 2021.


When will the football schedule be available?

The official football schedule will be released in February 2021. You can check it out on wfafootball.net.


How can I be a sponsor?

View our Become a Sponsor tab on our site and find out more details on becoming a sponsor. 


How can I donate?

View our Become a Sponsor tab on our site and find out more details on becoming a donor. 


How does Houston Power pay for league expenses?

Our expenses are covered through fundraisers, donations and sponsors.