Memo from the Owner

As owner of the Houston Power Women’s Football Team, it is our goal to become Houston’s elite team in the Women’s Football Alliance. To execute this goal of ours, we plan to perform the following:


  • Create and maintain strong relationships with our donors and sponsors
  • Increase public awareness
  • Impact our communities through community involvement
  • Present leadership qualities
  • And of course, win our games


The Houston Power goes beyond the field. The foundation of our sports club is to encourage young women to see the value in sports, as it impacts the lives of those who embrace it. Our core people are our players and coaches.


As we embark on a new season, we would like for you to join us. Become part of our mission and give young women the freedom to engage in a non-traditional sport. With your charitable support, our goals will soon materialize.


For more information about being a sponsor, please contact us at houstonpowerfootball@gmail.com

With Much Gratitude,

Michelle Kemp-Jordan

Donate...We Are on Go Fund Me and Paypal!

Houston Power Women’s Football is a semi-professional women’s football team in Houston. We’re edgy, rough and love the sport of playing football. Our playbook game is nothing to mess with. Although we love and support our Houston Texans during the football season, our goal is to paint the city green and black during the NFL offseason.


Our organization began in 2009. And oh yes, we’ve been killing it on the field for more than 7 years. We currently have 33 players, and 5 coaches.

This Go Fundme Page was created to help raise money for our football season. Every year we play 8 games; 4 games in town and 4 out of town.  This year due to Covid, we will be playing 6 games.

Developed for the all-around woman athlete, our mission is to improve health initiatives, support sisterhood and to be actively engaged in our communities. We are one step closer to reaching our mission every day; however, we need your support.

We need our fans and supporters to help us raise funds for our football season. The games are family-oriented and incredibly fun. Our goal for this year is to get involved and give back to our communities.

Our next season will begin April 2021 and we want to make sure that we have enough adequate funds for all of our game expenses and outreach programs.

If you recognize how much of an impact Houston Power makes in Houston, then join our movement: #iamPowerFul

We also accept donations towards player's sponsorship via Paypal. Please use the donate button below and indicate the player being sponsored.

It’s our time now. Game on!

Houston Power